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Trident Malple, Acer buegerianum, Ab22

Trident Malple, Acer buegerianum, Ab22

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This plant started life as a seedling in about 2017 or the before times. 

The is a powerful, short tree with many possibilities. There are many places to cut back to. I like the trunk portion that has been wired and bent; it gives super taper and an excellent trunk line. Gradually reduce the large stub; make the final cut in the growing season when the tree is growing vigorously. Trident maples close wounds readily when they are healthy and strong.

It will back bud in the coming growing seasons giving you many stems to work with for  making branches and an apex.

Acer buergerianum is hardy to USDA zone 6. Plants are generally less hardy in pots and will need to be protected during winter in places with severe cold.

I cultivate trident maples in full sun. 

I have done the bulk of the root pruning for the season, but the plant should tolerate a bit more refinement pruning on the roots. Feel free to select the new leader and remove the one you don't want. Pot the plant in your preferred growing medium, water it, fertilize it, let it run and get healthy before doing any heavy work on it. 

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