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Japanese Snowbell, Styrax japonicus, Sj7

Japanese Snowbell, Styrax japonicus, Sj7

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This plant started life as a seedling in about 2018 or the before times. It is more or less straight, but has a nice lean to it and tapers well. It will make a nice, informal upright, natural looking bonsai tree and develop new branches fairly quickly.

Styrax japonicus is an absolutely beautiful and graceful species for bonsai culture. It boasts small foliage, short internodes, beautiful flowers in spring and attractive bark. It is quite vigorous and ramifies very well. My plants are flowering age, though will be delayed by being harvested and pruned. Just give it a couple seasons and it will not disappoint. 

This tis a nice tree with good taper and movement. Eliminate the heavy branch in the growing season when the plant can more easily close wounds. The plant will backbud readily.

Styrax japonicus is hardy to USDA zone 5. Plants are generally less hardy in pots and will need to be protected during winter in places with severe cold.

I grow  Japanese snowbell in the field under 30% shade cloth.

This plant needs a bit more root work; refine the shape of the root ball, and remove roots growing straight down from the middle of the root ball. Pot the plant in your preferred growing medium, water it, fertilize it, let it run and get healthy before doing any heavy work on it. 


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